"There have been more advances in chiropractic research in the last decade than there has been for the last 100 years. We now know that when you deliver the chiropractic adjustment you are changing the structure and function of the brain. We have at the confluence of chiropractic and neuroscience achieved a deeper understanding of our purpose - our why as chiropractors. 
My mission is to share that message with as many people as humanly possible."

 Dr Mo will be in Costa Rica this June and July as she joins fellow chiropractors in a humanitarian service trip to deliver needed care to underserved communities!

"Adjust the spine and you change the brain. 
Change someone's brain and you change their life. 
It's as simple as that."
Dr Mo speaks internationally on topics in chiropractic and neuroscience. She also has several educational programs as well as one on one mentoring and transformational service retreats that she runs in Costa Rica through her foundation. Visit The Prana Foundation for more info.
Dr Mo Knows is a live, interactive science and patient education program hosted by Dr Monique Andrews.  CE now available

Are you interetsed in booking Dr Mo to speak at your event? Please note her calendar fills up quickly so you will want to contact about scheduling well in advance of your event.
Dr Monique Andrews is a chiropractor, neuroscientist and international award winning speaker who has been teaching about chiropractic, the brain and the mind-body continuum for 20 years.

Dr Mo presenting on Chiropractic and Consciousness at Mile High in Denver Colorado, August, 2018
Her dedication to the philosophy, art and science was recognized the moment she entered the profession. Upon graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa she was awarded the Presidential Citation for Service to the Chiropractic Profession. An award usually only given as a lifetime achievement, Dr. Andrews was the only student to ever receive the honor.

As a practicing chiropractor, Dr. Andrews co-founded The Prana Group in Ottawa, Canada with her wife Dr. Tamara MacIntyre. The center served as a touchstone for health and wellbeing in the community for fifteen years. Dr. Andrews served as a professor of Neurology and Chair of Basic Sciences at an accredited n Chiropractic College in California for almost six years. 

Adored by the students, she is affectionately known as “Dr. Mo”. Faculty of the Year recipient in 2015 and Administrator of the Year recipient in 2016 and 2017, these accolades make clear Dr. Mo’s value in the educational setting.  

Holding both Doctor of Chiropractic and Master’s degrees in Neuroscience, the breadth and depth of her knowledge is vast. Dr. Mo is best known for her engaging presentations and TED style of speaking, making even the most difficult concepts accessible to all learners. 

Earlier in her career as a research scientist, Dr. Andrews published peer-reviewed papers in the fields of Psychoneuroimmunology and the Neurobiology of Reward. Today, she speaks internationally on topics such as the Neurophysiology of Subluxation, Neurodevelopment of the Pediatric Patient, Evolutionary Impact of Chiropractic on the Brain and most recently exploring the connection between Chiropractic and Consciousness.

In addition to being passionate about all things neuro related Dr. Mo is deeply committed to easing the path for others. Last year with her wife, Dr. Tamara MacIntyre, she launched The PRANA Foundation, a non profit organization whose mission it is to cultivate an engaged, supportive community that fosters healing, growth and the fullest expression of our realized selves through continuing education, a professional community and personal development.  

Dr. Mo’s scholastic acumen is an obvious asset, however those closest to her know her greatest gift is the enormity of her heart. Dr. Mo’s compassionate, authentic expression of life is exemplified by her belief that who you are as a person precedes who you are as a chiropractor.

Few people possess the expertise, presence and wisdom to make a meaningful impact on humanity. Dr. Andrews is a rare gift to our profession.


Dr Mo with Dr Richard Ledda on The Chiro Inspired Podcast.
Changing Brains
Changing Lives
Dr Mo with Dr Brett Jones
“Biohacking your Brain 
and Immune System” 
How your body responds to fear and stress. ⁣ Research showcasing how positive psychology impacts immunity.

Dr Mo with Dr Lauryn Brunclik on the She SLays Podcast. 
Science, Spirituality, and Consciousness 
Dr Mo with Dr Ray Daniels of The Artful Podcast.
Owning the Science to be in Integrity with Chiropractic / Cultivating Conviction Beyond Emotion / Neurologically Based Communication

"At the moment of comitment the universe consipres to assist you."
~ Goethe

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